Garage Door Installation

Q&A: How Does One Prepare For A Garage Door Installation Service?

If you’re planning to work with Franklin Door & Dock to install a new garage door, you’ll need to do some prep work to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process. The Franklin Door & Dock team answers some of your frequently asked questions on garage door installation.

Q: How do I know that it’s time to have a new garage door installed?

A: Consider having a new garage door installed when your safety is on the line. It’s time for a new garage door if the damage to your garage door is so severe that it can no longer open or close as it should, and it poses a security risk to your home.

Moreover, if the cost of garage door repair is more expensive than having a new garage door installed, consider the latter. Factor in the age of your garage door as well. If it’s more than ten years old, you may want to invest in a new one.

Q: What should I do to prepare for the garage door installation?

Clearing the area to give the garage door installation team enough space to maneuver and work is essential. We ask that you move your cars to the street or your driveway so that the team can easily access the garage door opening and the area without risking any damage to your vehicles.

Empty your garage of any tools, trash bins, sports equipment, unused furniture, and other belongings. If you free up the front half of your garage, it will help keep your things safe from being accidentally damaged during the garage door installation process.

Make a list of any questions you may have regarding the garage door installation process, garage door maintenance, safety inspections, troubleshooting, and warranties, among others to ensure that the team covers all your concerns.

Q: Are there safety precautions that I need to consider?

Removing an old garage door and installing a new one will require power tools that could endanger children and pets. For your family’s safety, only the garage door installation team should be in the area during this time.

Due to the surge in COVID-19 cases, many garage door installation companies have no-contact installation procedures in place; they have also required their technicians to wear masks on site. Advise your garage door installer of any specific health concerns or restrictions you might have before the team proceeds with installation work.

Franklin Door & Dock specializes in garage door installation and serves a 50-mile radius around Franklin, TN. The team can also fabricate custom parts as necessary. Call (615) 857-DOOR (3667) to learn more. For after-hours support, call (615)-336-7799.

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