What To Consider When Deciding Between Garage Door Repair Or Replacement

Did your garage door suddenly quit opening? Is there a giant dent in it that takes away from your home’s curb appeal? Is it old, dirty, and dingy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably trying to decide between garage door repair or replacement. Franklin Door & Dock says both options make sense, but it depends on the circumstances.


At Franklin Door & Dock, our technicians almost always recommend repair before replacement. This is because repairs can be inexpensive and quick. However, when there are multiple small repairs or the damage is greater than the value of the garage door, replacement makes the most financial sense.


One of the first things a technician will consider when evaluating a property for garage door repair is the age of the door. Most fairly new doors are fully insulated and have all of the safety features you want on your home. Minor damage on these is a cost-effective way to return your garage door to its original beauty and functionality. Replacing the door might be a better option if it is original to the home, not insulated, or does not seal properly to keep out insects and rodents. One of the only times keeping a non-insulated door makes sense is if it is on a detached garage and can be easily repaired.


Along the same line as age is quality. When you’re looking for garage door repair in Franklin, your specialists will also evaluate the door to see if the quality is on par with the rest of your home. If it’s not, you may have affordable options to upgrade.


While price, the age of the door, and the quality of its craftsmanship all come into play, you must also consider the expertise and experience of your garage door repair team. Franklin Door & Dock has more than 75 years of combined experience. Owner Ned Jones has worked in the industry for more than four decades and has hand-selected his team of service professionals based on their experience and ability to keep his customers happy.

When your garage doors need a helping hand, you don’t necessarily have to jump to replace this valuable home feature. Repair is often a much more affordable option. However, replacement may be the right choice if the cost of current and potential future repairs is more than a new door.

Franklin Door & Dock is here for you. We are conveniently located just south of Nashville and are available to make service calls within 50 miles.

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