Common Questions

If you are facing a malfunctioning garage door and are curious if you can self-diagnose it, you came to the perfect place. Located in Franklin, TN- Franklin Door and Dock is a garage door repair business that is dedicated to helping you find the answers to your questions about your garage door problems, and how you can save the money on repairs.

When your garage door will not open properly.
We all have been there, the frustrating moments when the door will not even open. Kids are running late for school, and the garage door just won’t open! One big sigh. There are several reasons why this is happening. We’ve seen many clients call us for a complete garage door repair when all that needed to be done was a little tweak. We recommend looking at the cable, checking if it might be loose or broken. If that isn’t the case, you may want to check the power source. This is an issue a lot of people forget to double-check. Another issue may be the track is misaligned- another easy fix!

Broken Spring problems.
The unfortunate thing about broken springs is this is an issue that must be replaced. Some issues won’t have to be completely replaced, but this one is a necessity.

Garage Door not shutting.
This can be an awkward situation, and we’ve all been there just randomly clicking until the garage door finally closes. Let’s discuss what could be wrong when you have this issue. First, check the electrical connections. There are plenty of moments when our clients have thought their whole garage door was broken, but it turned out that it was just an electrical issue. Now, if that is not the solution, you will want to check the opener and see if there is a flashing light and if the beam is being blocked… if that is the case, call us at Franklin Door & Dock (a garage door repair company) immediately. This issue is dangerous for you and your loved ones.

Let’s talk about the budget!
Budget is always one of the reasons some people shy away from asking for help from experts. You can always expect any fix to start around $200. We encourage you to call us (your local garage door repair company) and give us the opportunity to fix your door.

An everyday occurrence.
Trust us when we say, we see these issues every day and most of the time, there are easy fixes to each situation. Every garage door rarely needs a complete repair, but it is common to have little issues now and then. Hiring someone with expertise provides you with the comfort and confidence that a DIY project does not! We repair garage doors for a living and are the ones you need to call – for safety and confidence. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, unlike trying it on your own might cost you!

Let us help!
Garage door repairs in Franklin, TN seem to be an everyday occurrence in our work field. We have grown in our understanding of what our customers need, what their budget offers, and how we can always build that trust so they can know we will be there for them anytime something goes wrong. We would love to hear from you about your garage door needs to discuss your budget, your desires, and your ultimate expectations for something like this. Give us a call at 615-857- DOOR (3667) to hear more about how Franklin Door and Dock can help you!

Franklin Door & Dock specializes in garage door repair and serves a 50-mile radius around Franklin, TN. The team can also fabricate custom parts as necessary. Call (615) 857-DOOR (3667) to learn more. For after-hours support, call (615)-336-7799.

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