Is it time? When to replace your garage door.

Knowing when to replace your garage door can be difficult to determine. Frequently, clients have determined that they need to replace their entire door, which can be expensive, but that is not the most economical solution.

We want to help you know when you need to replace your garage door, or when it may be an issue that can be easily repaired. Knowing the difference could save you a lot of money!

Time to Diagnose.
Garage Door Malfunctioning Opener

Have you ever been rushing up the stairs with a ton of groceries, clicking the button to close the garage door – and it makes about ten different noises, and then never closes? Or while sitting inside, you hear a loud bang come from the garage? How about you go into your garage and the door looks unbalanced in the opening? These are common malfunctions that we repair on a regular basis.
Loud, Obnoxious, and a Fixable Garage Door

We all get annoyed and even embarrassed when we’re watching the door slowly go down while almost screaming for the entire neighborhood to hear. This could be an issue with a loose chain in the garage door operator.

Thankfully, this issue is easy to fix for us! Call us and we will head on over to make sure that loud noise is silenced.

It can be very frustrating when your garage door just doesn’t do what you are trying to get it to do. Close? Nope, it stays open. Open? Stays closed or takes forever to open. These common problems are sometimes caused by installation errors or just normal wear on some parts.

Safety comes first.

Have you ever been about to leave for work and notice your garage door was open the whole night? Thankfully, no one stole anything from you, but they easily could have. Garages doors provide safety and security for your home and family, so it’s important to keep your doors in excellent condition.

We are here for you, whether it’s just a small repair or a complete garage door replacement, let’s talk about what the best option is for you!

Located in Franklin, TN – Franklin Door and Dock offers garage door repair for any of your needs. These issues are to be handled with care, expertise, and to save money. If you are located near Franklin, TN give Franklin Door and Dock a call to see how we can cater to your needs, budget, and desires! Call us at 615-857-3667 or visit our website:

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